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ARR Technologies

Algorithmic trading for retail investors.

ARR Strategy

Algorithmic Real Return

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ARR Services

We help sophisticated retail traders build algorithmic trading systems.

Automated Investing

Personalized Robo-Advisors

Reduce your fees, transaction costs, and slippage while maximizing your returns. We build you scalable and secure automated trading systems in the cloud.

Blue Robot

Algorithmic Trading

Automate Your Trading Strategies

We risk our own capital in the stock market during the development process to ensure your automated strategies are performing as expected before implementation.

Trading Floor
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ARR Story

ARR Technologies is democratizing algorithmic trading for retail investors. After building our own algorithmic trading system from scratch, we decided to help others save time, money, and protect their intellectual property.​

Save thousands of dollars in development and operational costs by leveraging the latest advancements in cloud computing. 

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ARR Team

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Alek Burk

Co-Founder & Quantitative Trader

Alek Burk

We build your personalized trading systems on top of the newest open-source and commercial cloud platforms.

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